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Deanna Dusbabek Art Fine Art Collage

Fine Art Collage

To view available Collage Art, click here and then on individual images for sizes, pricing and information.


There are four types of collage: papier collé, decoupage, photomontage and assemblage. I've produced work in all four, but have always been most comfortable working with papers. Now I mostly use digital papers; it's still traditional papier collé, but with a modern twist. I adore the other subgenres, yet find working in the digital space allows me the greatest avenue of expression. I use both original images and legally sourced assets for these pieces.

Meant to be enjoyed on a larger scale, these pieces are printed on Fuji pearl, linen finish fine art papers, with a protective lustre coating, unless otherwise specified. Sizes correspond to each piece to ensure the maximum impact of the art. Art is signed and has a white border surround which is included in the listed size.  


 Your art includes a certificate of authenticity and white cotton gloves for safe handling.

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