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Deanna Dusbabek Art Collage

Curated Collections
To view curated card collections, please click here.

As a collage artist, I find ephemera to use absolutely everywhere. I source from many different sites and locations, all legally acquired, of course. It's my great pleasure to bring you some of these sourced asset pieces I love, printed as fine art card collections, so you can share them or enjoy them yourself. I've also included some original photographic art in their own bundles.

These cards are suitable to frame for side tables, credenzas or shelves. Their purpose is to lift up the spirit with little impressions of inspiration, love and encouragement in beautiful ways.  New pieces and images are constantly being created and added, so check back often.

Cards are and come boxed in sets of 30, including envelopes. Perfect for gifting, framing as a set or to send the perfect message to a friend or loved one.

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